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Knowledgeable ERISA & Employee Benefits Lawyer

Representing National and International Employers

Compensation structures are coming under increased scrutiny from Internal Revenue Service Department of Labor, Securities and Exchange Commission, Shareholders, and others. Appropriate and proper plans for compensation benefits are crucial in today's difficult financial and economic environment.

At Palmer Law Group LLC, we represent successful businesses seeking to maximize the effectiveness of their compensation and employee benefit plans. We have nearly 30 years of legal experience and work with individuals throughout and outside the United States.

ERISA Issues

The Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1972, as amended, or ERISA, involves qualified and non-qualified employee benefit plans. To learn how to best leverage your employee plans, contact our office.

Because the costs for falling out of compliance with ERISA are considerable, don't take unnecessary risks. Speak to an experienced ERISA lawyer about compliance and planning issues.

Compensation Matters

We can also help you reduce your tax burden with appropriate compensation planning techniques, such as qualified and non-qualified Incentive Stock Options (ISOs), deferred compensation and how to reap long-term capital gains rather than compensation taxed at a much higher rate.

Former IRS Agent Helping You

Our founding lawyer, L. Guy Palmer, previously worked as a Revenue Agent and Instructor for the Internal Revenue Service. He uses his detailed knowledge of accounting and the complicated IRS Code to identify creative tax solutions for our clients.

Contact Grow Your Assets

For tax advice regarding ERISA and compensation matters, contact our office online or call us at 301-695-0700 or 800-732-7907. We offer initial consultations, generally done by telephone.

From our offices in Frederick, Maryland, and Northfield, Illinois, we serve individuals throughout and outside the United States.


Maryland Office
615 W. Patrick Street
Frederick, MD 21701
Telephone: 301-695-0700
Toll free: 800-732-7907
Fax: 301-695-0701
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Illinois Office
Two Northfield Plaza, Suite 501
60 Revere Drive
Northbrook, IL 60062
Telephone: 847-715-9988, ext.104
Toll free: 800-732-7907
Fax: 301-695-0701
Map and Directions

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